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Incident Report

Witness: Agent Bennett, Assault Commander

Base: Cannock, England

e-mail: iain@andycc.net

Date/Time: 26 April, 2003/0650 hours

Incident: For the past few weeks there have been some extremely strange happenings in the local area. A total of eight individuals have disappeared, each one vanishing without a trace, leaving friends and family in states of distress!

As the only active FVZA agent within the area, I determined it my duty to investigate. I feared that there could be vampire activity in the area, because all the disappearances happened at night.

In order to confirm my suspicion, I decided to investigate the most likely location of a vampire nest in the area: an abandoned, completely boarded up shopping centre.

And so at 0650 hours on the Saturday the 26th, I donned my assault gear and launched my recon mission into the depths of the centre. Thankfully, I knew from my training that after a long night of hunting any vampires inside would be woozy, with their senses dulled. Inside, I found a gang of 14 vampire, along with six Harley Davidson motorcycles. Four of the vampires were clad in leathers, leading me to the believe that the original pack had drifted into town and set up camp. Amongst the victims, I noticed a neighbour of mine, Ronaldo S****! I also recognised the seven other vampires from missing people pictures.

I left as stealthily as I had arrived. I doubt that it would be safe to take them on myself, so I am submitting an application for an Assault Team to be sent over in my command to tackle the threat.

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