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Incident Report

Witness: Mad Dog

Base: Newport News, Virginia

e-mail: noeldog@aol.com

Date/Time: 27 April, 2003/1252 hours

Incident: Lost contact with informant. Has not checked in since report was made 26APR03 on or about 2230. I made a cursory tour through the nearby trailer park during the morning hours, but noted nothing unusual. Made a short jaunt through what I believe is the wooded area referenced by informant; noted evidence of recent activity in a clearing, including empty beer bottles (with a black waxy substance I believe to be lipstick on the lip of several bottles), depleted D-cell batteries, a chemical light stick (color orange), and an old, well worn copy of Fangora magazine (dated 1998). There were wear marks on a half-fallen tree that appear to be from a heavy duty dog chain or similar restraint, as if an animal had been tied up to it. No further information at this time.

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