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Incident Report

Witness: Mad Dog

Base: Newport News, Virginia

e-mail: noeldog@aol.com

Date/Time: 28 April, 2003/1800 hours

Incident: Was contacted by my missing informant's mother at 1545. She is an elderly lady with considerable memory and health problems. Contact's mother reported that her son had not been by to visit as was customary on Sunday evenings. I informed her of the last time he and I spoke and tried to reassure her; however, she further informed me that if she did not hear from him by 1700 that evening she was contacting local law enforcement.

I revisited trailer park and interviewed an old family acquaintance under pretense of a belated social call. The interview uncovered the following information:

1. A local man who was known as a notorious alcoholic went missing approximately two weeks ago while crabbing in the nearby river/marshy area. Local man was in his late 40s with a history of (soft) drug and alcohol abuse. Local authorities checked into the matter but failed to uncover any evidence of foul play or determine for certain anything even happened to the man.

2. "Cal," one of the "caretaker" subjects, had been seen with a group of young people "dressed up like it was halloween" in the area, off and on, for about two weeks.

3. A group of men in suits ("and they weren't Jehovah's Witnesses") had been in the area questioning residents about unusual events. My acquaintance stated that they claimed to be government agents but did not produce any identification and their vehicle had "civilian" plates, and looked like a rental car.

That was the only useful information from that source. I then contacted another old family acquaintance and notorious "busy body" who monitors the local police scanners from her home in the older part of town. She informed me that there was an unusual traffic stop "last Wednesday or Thursday" involving two men with New Mexico driver's licenses. The incident stood out to her only because when the officer called in the check he also called in a New Mexico concealed weapons permit, with a "Class III" variant. The officer was heard to respond, "so this guy CAN carry around a machine gun?" No Further Information. Local authorities refused any comments to anonymous or press related inquiries.

Attempts to make contact with informant have failed. His cell phone is answered by the Verizon answering service, his car is missing from his driveway and there is no answer at his door. Asked neighbor if she had seen the informant, with negative results.

Request investigative assistance locating core group of undead enthusiasts, and whereabouts of informant and possible zombie. Further request investigation assistance into unknown operatives also working the case. If "New Mexico" based FVZA agents are operating in Virginia, request they contact Southeastern FVZA Director or Provisional Agent Mad Dog to clarify and correlate information.

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