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Incident Report

Witness: Mad Dog

Base: Newport News, Virginia

Date/Time: 26 April, 2003/2145 hours

Incident: At 2150 I received a report from an informant with a record of reliability. He has been visiting a local "goth" hangout and mingling with and surveilling the regulars for about two weeks. I had heard a rumor from the same informant that a group of teenage "goth" enthusiasts had an actual zombie that they were keeping as some sort of pet. The informant advised me that the it was being kept somewhere in the woods, near a trailer park in the city of Poquoson, Virginia, where Langley Air Force Base structures are visible. The primary culprits are: "Kasey," Female, 16-18 the defacto leader of the group; "Doug," Male, 18-21 group enforcer and boyfriend of "Kasey"; "Cal," Male, 16-18 younger brother of "Doug", No Further Information; "Sehra," Female 16-18, heavy "X" user, conceals stash in crucifix; and at least one other unnamed member of group. All are vampire enthusiasts, and predisposed to the romantic/dark religious and sexual versions of vamiprism and relations with the undead.

Risk Assessment: High. Apparently the zombie is being left unattended for long periods of time. There is a large concentration of people in the nearby trailer park. Poquoson, though technically a city, possesses a "small town demeanor" and should the creature escape and spread disease, the residents will in all likelihood rely on religion, local Law Enforcement, and limited local medical facilities to deal with the problem long before notifying outside agencies.

Threat: Low - Medium A single entity is will provide little resistance, especially if it is restrained. However the "caretakers" are, in general, anti-establishment, anti-social, and "Doug" has boasted of owning several firearms and is himself predisposed to violence and sadistic tendencies. Local authorities will NOT be receptive to FVZA operatives.

Recommendation: Dispatch small (2-3) Investigation unit with skills in both urban and rural (marshlands) reconaissance. Have small Assault unit (4 max.) standing by. Recommend minimal firearm deployment, to avoid legal entanglements with local authorities; stunguns and chemical deterrents will suffice for use against the "caretakers." Shadows, if available, would also suit need to avoid detection. Instruct/remind Assault Team and/or Shadow operatives that deadly force against civilians is NOT authorized unless specifically under threat of deadly force.

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