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Incident Report

Witness: Dr. Defecto

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Date/Time: unknown

Incident: Greetings, fellow FVZA members,

My brother, FVZA Investigator NightShade, and I have been studying local newspaper articles regarding "missing persons." Of course, some might dismiss the cases as mere typical occurrences, but when you're living in a sprawling city of 800,000 people and over 3,000 go missing a year for no reason whatsoever, including everyone from kids to elderly people, it certainly bears investigating. Even the police officials in Tucson, Arizona have described the inordinate number of missing persons as "alarming."

We should also consider the many Mexicans who cross the border to enter the U.S, and seek the freedom and riches that America has to offer. Many are found dead from dehydration, exposure or heat stroke. However, police officials have recently discovered the bodies or body parts of illegal immigrants murdered by draining of blood. Some of these cases have been on the local TV news.

The desert outside Tucson
holds many secrets
Consider this: Tucson is known for its numerous abandoned mines and caves ranging from small holes in the rock to large underground complexes that go deep into the darkness. Could it be that there are vampires or zombies that attack loners or small groups of people at night? I can only guess, but one thing is certain: Tucson does hold mysteries and dark secrets. Is Tucson becoming a Empire of the Undead?

Could it possibly be that a killer is on the loose in the deserts between Mexico and Arizona killing illegal immigrants and scattering their remains to bring terror to the public? Or is there some kind of animal in the desert who kills for blood? We are the FVZA: we investigate incidents and look for patterns. Based on recent events, we must consider the possibility of an vampire outbreak in the Tucson area.

I will keep you all updated as to our findings regarding the "Desert of Blood" case. If you have questions or answers or a thought you would like to share with me or my brother please feel free to e-mail me at Ephraim@phantom.org or NightShade at kntatreides32@hotmail.com

Thank you and I hope to bring better and more clear details of our investigation.

Dr. Defecto (Western Regional Director)

NightShade (FVZA Investigator)

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