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Incident Report

Witness: Dr. Defecto

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Date/Time: Ongoing

Incident: Amid increasing numbers of "unexplained missing persons reports" in the Tucson area, police officials are speculating that there must be some kind of organization or group behind the disappearances. As the body count has mounted, many Mexicans have taken to calling the area south of Tucson the "Muertos De Terra," or "Dead of the Earth."

Tucson is surrounded by vast tracts of desert
Investigators combing the remote desert area south of Tucson have reportedly found both dead bodies with bite marks and no sign of blood and ripped body parts scattered across the desert. Footprints and shoeprints found in the area of the bodies led directly to the mountains. A few eyewitnesses have seen several people running to those same mountains, although descriptions are sketchy since the sightings occurred in the dead of night.

While police officials are publicly speculating that a cult or group of cults were involved in the recent murders, one official recently went so far as to suggest that "it could also be that we're dealing with something that we have no experience with."

Perhaps the most alarming development is the increase in the number of murders, raising the possibility that many people who were bitten have risen from the dead. But the question is: risen to what? A vampire or a zombie? Some bodies were eaten, and some were drained of blood, and the latter were found far away from the former.

I know this information may sound like a repeat from Part 1 of the case, but keep in mind that it is a slow process getting to the bottom of these recent events. Be assured that we will keep you informed on the latest news and publish our findings shortly in Part 3 of the "Desert of Blood" Investigation

Yours truly

Dr.Defecto (Western Regional Director)

NightShade (FVZA Investigator)

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