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Incident Report Follow Up 1

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Witness: D.S. Kaarde, call sign "Talon"

Location: Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

Date/Time: Ongoing

Incident: As of August 24, the siege in the Palmer Bar/Lumberton area has ended, due to unexpected means. A naturally occurring forest fire, which was sparked by lightening several day ago, has swept through the area and apparently destroyed the group of militant vampires that had been contained there. Agents manning the siege fought desperate skirmishes with several small groups of vampires trying to flee the inferno, but there does not appear to be any survivors. Due to the ongoing nature of the fire, an investigation has not yet taken place, and it seems that much valuable evidence has also been destroyed. The tenuous connection to certain extremist groups has been lost, and we may never be able to answer all the questions generated by this incident.

Pvt. D.S. Kaarde, Canadian Defense Force

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