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Incident Report

Witness: D.S. Kaarde, call sign "Talon"

Location: Canada

Date/Time: Ongoing

British Columbia
Incident: As a member of the Canadian Defense Force, operating in cooperation with the FVZA, my team and I are responsible for containing and eliminating many hostile factions that the Canadian government does not officially recognise. Recent events have made it apparent that there is currently a buildup of vampire and zombie forces in rural areas of Canada, and evidence suggests that these troops are connected to recent terrorist activities in the United States. One operation in particular took place in a rural area of southeastern British Columbia known as Palmer Bar. This site is an abandoned forestry camp situated in an isolated patch of wilderness with an abundance of forgotten mines strewn throughout. The area is frequented by hikers, hunters, and fishermen. The area's ready source of prey and labyrinthine mining tunnels are why we believe it was chosen for as a base of operations by this particular group. Palmer Bar also happens to be located within easy striking distance of the Fairchild Airforce Base, located just across the border in the northwestern United States.

Things first came to my attention when our contact in the local Search and Rescue team notified my team's commanding officer of an unusually high number of disappearances in that area. When one official search turned up the mangled remains of a deer hunter, the press announced it as a bear attack, and my team was ordered in to do a real investigation. Examination of the scene revealed no sign of a bear's presence; instead, there were several rambling sets of signs which crossed and recrossed so many times as to make tracking them impossible. At this point, Lieutenant Nivven assigned high priority areas that were likely to be lairs, and Sergeant Maz began leading us through the tunnels and abandoned mine shafts in the area.

The team was just approaching the third such set of mine tunnels when we surprised a set of Zombie perimeter guards. Now, unlike the (unofficially) government-sanctioned FVZA, the CDF is really not much more than a well-trained group of private citizens acting as mercenaries, and therefore is subject to Canadian legislation regarding civilian ownership of weapons. We do not legally have access to O'Malley's, handguns of any kind, or high explosive ammunition like Migraine Molly's. But a 30-06 hunting rifle with a controlled expansion bullet is quite capable of removing significant parts of a Zombie's anatomy from quite a long range away, which is exactly what proceeded to happen to the perimeter guards we chanced upon. Thinking this was probably nothing more than an isolated outbreak of the zombie virus, we deployed a sweep pattern and advanced toward the mine tunnels. Things got complicated when one member of my team hit a trip wire and was blown apart by a Bouncing Betty. Immediately after the explosion, zombies began pouring out of nowhere it seemed and we began taking small arms fire from marksmen concealed in foxholes. The Lieutenant ordered a retreat, and we were harried by the zombie troops nearly all the way back to our base camp. We did not, however, see any more of the armed troops, and it seemed that they were not willing to pursue us outside of their subterranean emplacements.

A full scale assault was organised for first light the next morning, involving my team as well as three others which were called in from nearby areas. Reconnaissance had confirmed the presence of a large number of zombies, as well as an unknown number of vampires. The vampires were reported to be well equipped and heavily armed.

Because I was wounded when one of my teammates triggered a booby-trap, I did not see the actual assault on the mine itself. The other members of my team reported meeting heavy resistance from both feral zombies and vampires armed with military grade equipment.

The raid itself was a failure, and we were forced to fall back and establish a containment perimeter. We've managed to hold the line for six days now, and seem to be winning out through attrition. Intelligence has catalogued a variety of evidence which provides possible links to certain individuals and organisations in the MidEast. One particularly disturbing item I have seen is a Kalashnikov rifle with the mark of the Broken Cross carved in its stock.

As the External Affairs Liaison for my branch of the CDF, it is my duty to pass this information on to the FVZA, and to warn of the possibility of a buildup towards mass attacks against U.S. interests.

Good hunting.

Pvt. D.S. Kaarde, Canadian Defense Force

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