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The A-Zombie of Online Slot Classics


There are many ways to kill Zombies and we all know the key survival methods, should a deadly virus break out and turn a vast majority of the population into red-eyed, mouth-foaming scum. There are also many ways to kill boredom of which the combination of both zombie action and having fun meet perfectly inside the online casino slots. We present to you the undead in – Top 5 casino slot for Zombie fans.

All the featured games are found within the site of casino-en-ligne.info where you should definitely escape to if it all becomes unsafe!

Braindead #1: Zombie Escape™ by Join Games.
Guns – Check! Dead dudes – Check! Let’s rock n’ roll! Zombie Escape™ is a zombie game to which all zombie games should aspire to be, locked and loaded you actually get to gun down the virus carrying corpses. Great 3D animation of slow blood splatters, an insane bonus round and 20 pay line to increase your wins. We don’t need to big this up as it speaks for itself, play the best Zombie slot game online hands-down, 10/10!

Braindead #2: Lost Vegas™ by Microgaming.
Ground-breaking and freakin’ great! Lost Vegas™ is zombie paradise when it comes to online gaming. Play as survivors or as zombies for different gaming features, stash or infection, whose side are you on? The option can be changed at any time during the normal game. The graphics are incredible and the animation is equally captivating. With this being based in Vegas you have Zombie Elvis, tourist, nurse, married couple and showgirl. Classic and endless fun, 8.5/10.

Braindead #3: The Dead Escape™ by Habanero
The graphics are just first-rate and are one of the many noticeable features of this zombie slot. Scares and bonuses which are triggered randomly like a silent attack. Free games and spins occur and best of all, it’s linked up to a progressive jackpot! With minor, mini, major or grand jackpot levels there’s a route to success all over this game. The animation and video clips are limited in this game, but a thrill to play because of the money to be won, 8.5/10.

Braindead #4: Zombie Rush™ by Leander Gaming.
Child-like animation, seemingly cute and innocent but don’t be misled. In a street burning to the ground, we have the setting for a very enjoyable casino game. Stunning 3D animation of both characters Max and Clare. Bonuses and deadly Ooze, this game holds thrilling entertainment and video clips. Even the Find Clare Bonus is a feature that is an online slot first, taking you from slot gaming into an arcade game! 8/10.

Braindead #5: Zombies™ by NetEnt.
This is a no-holds back game of graphics, brains, blood and weapons. With 20 pay lines, you have a good number of ways to win. The game boasts free spin features, a wins multiplier, stacked wilds, random wild features. The game has animation, which is limited to wins and the wild feature but never the less it plays very well. 8/10.