A New Life

You help Earl truss up the werewolf, take it to the ground and load it into the truck. From there, you transport it to a holding cell, where you watch it groggily awaken.

Within hours, word of the capture has reached the highest levels of the agency. Officials start arriving to Bozeman's small airport just after dawn. About a dozen of them gather at the holding cell to gaze in awe at the magnificent beast pacing inside the cage.

In all the excitement, no one notices that you're looking a little pale and unsteady on your feet. No one except Earl, that is. You keep catching his eye, and finally he asks you if you're feeling alright. You tell him you're a little tired and say you're going to go home for a quick nap.

When you get home, you scrub the wound on your hand, take some aspirin and a couple of antihistamine pills and crash on the couch.

You toss and turn for hours, haunted by fever dreams. The phone rings a few times, but you're in no state to answer it. By the time you awaken, night has fallen. You're sweating and your bones ache, and most alarming of all, you notice that the stubble covering your face and neck is considerably tougher than your normal five o'clock shadow. You can't even get your razor through it.

The phone rings again and you pick it up. It's Earl, checking in. You make small talk and deflect questions about your health.

An hour later, you hear several vehicles roll up outside your place. You look out the window and see a couple of police cars and a van. This is it, you think. They've come for me.

You slip out of the basement bulkhead, leap a fence and cross a field. Once you reach the highway, you hitch a ride from a truck driver to the beginning of the Gallatin wilderness, where you get out and run up into the hills. You feel faster and more agile than ever before, and by morning you're well up into the mountains.

You set about building a den and preparing for your new life. It takes some time to get used to your powers. At first, all the noises and smells feel like sensory overload, but you gradually learn to filter them out and focus on the most important stimuli.

You retain memories of your old life but experience little regret. There is a freedom out here that is unlike anything you've ever experienced. You hunt big game, drink from lakes and mountain streams and occasionally howl at the moon, hoping someone of your kind will answer.

Through it all, you know they are searching for you. And you will be ready. Armed with the knowledge and experience of an FVZA agent and the extraordinary powers of a werewolf, you like your chances.