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Zombie-themed Online Games

Do you have a desire to play zombie-themed online games? You are in luck. The internet is home to a variety of free zombie games - those who have zombies in them, those where you kill the zombies, and those where you are the zombie. Whatís more, new selections are being placed on the internet all the time.

Interested in learning more? In an effort to help you narrow your options, we offer you a comprehensive, but not definitive, list of the best PC zombie games.

Infectonator! World Dominator

This is a puzzle/strategy game where your objective is to infect enough humans that you are able to set off a chain reaction and take over the world. Itís bloody, quickly, and very addictive. In this way, it's a lot like many of the games you will find on Euro Palace Online Casino.

SAS 2 Insane Asylum

If you are familiar with Call of Duty 4ís Nazi Zombie mode or Killing Floor, you will find a lot to love in this top down shooter. It features unrelenting gameplay, several enemy types, and persistent upgrades. Endless Zombie Rampage 2

Based on the title, you can probably already tell what this game is about. It's an unrelenting and vicious top down shooter, not unlike the SAS 2 Insane Asylum.

In this game, you are a survivor at a small outpost and your job is to head out and find supplies or rescue survivors. As you progress through the game, the zombies get a little harder to beat plus thereís more of them. This game is a well rounded mixture of enemies, perks, and weapons, which means that you will probably find yourself playing it for hours at a time.

Dead Frontier Outbreak 2

Admittedly, this game is a bit of a change of pace from the other offerings lists above, but itís still worth a try. Itís what you would probably describe as a piece of interactive fiction i.e. a choose your adventure story filled with zombies. Itís well produced, well written, and a lot of fun. Plus, we guarantee that itís definitely an alternative way to kill some time.

Autumn War

This Flash/RTS tactical game is surprisingly sophisticated and deep. You are the commander of several units who must fight off a zombie attack using a strategic map. But, when it gets down to the nitty gritty, you have to get up close to get in deep with the action. Autumn War is is original and fun. It can be slow in some areas but when it picks up, you wonít be able to stop playing it.

Boxhead More Rooms

Boxhead More Rooms is the perfect mixture of a compelling top down shooter and a puzzle game, which makes it beloved amongst many of its enthusiasts. Your objective is to survive wave after wave of zombies. To help you achieve your goal, you will unlock new traps, weapons, and other objects as you progress.

Urban Dead

This text based MMO is fun but there are limits. For instance, there are a number of moves that you can make a day. But, none of this limits the fun that you can have with this game. Itís definitely a break from the other games on this list and itís quite popular. The site boasts over a million members. Still, it's not quite as beloved as Euro Palace Online Casino.

Luncheon of the Dead

In this RTS/survival hybrid, you are in charge of a band of survivors who live in a mall. Although this may sound reasonably safe, itís not, because you are constantly under attack by zombies. This onslaught means that itís a constant struggle to fight off undead and scavenge for needed supplies. Still, all its elements combine to provide this game with a level of sophistication that youíd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.