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Interactive Case #1 (Part 5)

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Good going! You've discovered an abandoned power station that you believe to be the vampires' hideout. Now comes the tough part: assault and extermination.

Date: November 15-16, 1904
Place: New York City

6:05 pm: You return to the station to find that the night crew has moved in. After a few moments in their company, you can easily see that an FVZA night crew is made up of a different breed. They are wild, disreputable and antisocial. They have a bit of the vampire in them. Despite feeling slightly intimidated, you march up to the Watch Commander, tell him of your findings and suggest he put together an assault. He laughs and says to you, "get in line, laddy. I don't have an assault team to spare tonight." He promises to post some warnings near the waterfront and inform the police, but beyond that, there's nothing he can do.

8:45 am: After another fitful night of sleep, you turn up early for work and start making some calls. Your police contact tells you that, only an hour before sunrise, an oyster man disappeared from the waterfront near the power station. Just before morning roll call, you tell the Chief. He is proud of your pluck and determination and offers you the chance to put together an assault plan.

9;15 am: As per the Chief's request, you skip morning roll call and hurry down to City Hall to get blueprints of the power station.

10:30 am: You return to FVZA headquarters with the power station plans, spread them across your desk and start studying. A half hour later, four gruff, taciturn men approach. They introduce themselves as members of the assault team. One of them utters the immortal question: "so what's the plan?"

So, what is the plan?
(Click the number corresponding to your choice)

Enter the power station at the ground floor. Light a controlled fire in the middle of the floor in order to smoke the vampires out. Station one assault team member at each of the four likely exit points and have them slay the vampires as they try to escape.

Power plant
Send all four assault team members in at the ground floor. Have them conduct sweeps of the building, starting at the ground floor and working their way up until they find the vampires. Make sure they stick together at all times.

Power plant, side view
Send two assault team members into the building and instruct them to wait quietly at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the tower (1) while the other two climb up to the roof adjacent to the tower (2). On your cue, have the team members on the roof throw smoke bombs through the tower windows. When the vampires flee down the tower, have the other two team members exterminate them.

Power plant, cutaway

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