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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Matt D.

Base: London, England

Date/Time: June 7, 2005/0300 hours

Incident: Hi, my name's Matt D--, I'm a seventeen-year-old high school kid living in London and I never believed in vampires until recently.

Me and my friend Milas von Minx have been best friends since we were very little. I always felt sorry for him because he was an orphan. He didn't even know his parents; they had died while he was a few weeks old. One day I went to his foster parents' home. I always used to collect him there and we'd walk to a local park were we would play hockey.

I was shocked to find out Milas had gone missing. I thought maybe he had been kidnapped like Elizabeth Smart or murdered by some lame excuse for a human. I was wrong.

On the night of June the Seventh I went fishing with some friends in the Cherwell Valley south of London. I like fishing; its one of my favourite past times and I love chilling out by the riverside. Afterwards, I packed up at 10:00 p.m. and made my way to the bus stop. I ended up taking the wrong bus and by midnight I found myself four miles from home. It was a long hard walk through rugged country paths in rolling fields and dark woods.

I was less than half a mile from my home when I heard dogs barking nearby. I'm used to hearing dogs bark, but these barks sounded like they came from very alarmed dogs. I started to run, frightened that the dogs might chase me, but as I looked back, I was stunned to see a tall dark shadow leap over a six foot fence and come to a stop just thirty or so feet away.

The strange freak's face was no other than that of my best friend Milas von Minx! He had a sick grey colour, his face was smeared with dirt or blood and his teeth were all longer and more jagged then I remembered. Also, he looked thiner, almost bony, as if he hadn't eaten in days. I wasn't drunk or delirious; it was him and no other!

He made a series of deep throated growls then leaped towards me. I know he wasn't joking; no teenage boy could leap several feet into the air of growl like a dog. I ran until I couldn't run anymore and then I foolishly turned round to face him. At that moment, a taxi made its way up the street. I don't know whether the taxi's sudden appearance scared him or whether he disliked its headlamps, but he promptly leaped away from me and climbed up to a second floor balcony from where he jumped out of sight.

I decided to take the taxi home. I told my friends at school but no one believed me. Then I was in the school library resaerching on vampires and other creatures looking for an explanation and I found this site and now I am making my report.

I need reassurance. Is my friend a vampire? Is he a menace?
Can he be cured? If not then I want to kill him. Not because I hate him, but because it's the only thing I can do

Comments from Dr. Pecos: Milas von Minx? Hmmm. OK, I'll indulge you. First off, I'm a little confused by your timeline. How long had Milas been missing, and if it was for several days or more, then why were you not aware of it? He was your best friend, after all. In addition, a newly transformed vampire would not have the bony appearance you described; it takes weeks if not months for that to happen. If this was a friend who had been missing for weeks (and if he wasn't named Milas von Minx), I'd be more inclined to accept your account. In any case, no, vampires cannot be cured.

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