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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Goa Falconis

Base: Near Galion, Ohio

Date/Time: June 7, 2005/1300 hours

Incident: In the woods outside of my town my friend and I found a rotting corpse. Upon investigating it we found that it had been chewed on and had what appeared to be human tooth marks on it. As we were leaving, we were attacked by a man covered in blood. When we first saw him he stopped and looked at us. He tilted his head upward like he was sniffing. He looked around wildly and started shaking or twitching, and then he made a weird growling noise and after that we ran.

We didn't look back until we were across the creek. When we turned around he was still on the other side. He made the growling noise again and then turned and headed back toward the body we had found. I think he then returned to eating the body after that but we didn't stay long enough to find out.

We almost didn't return but we felt we had to investigate. We returned two days later and found the body gone, with no trace left that anything had happened.

I don't know if it ran or shuffled; I was to busy running for my life. As for the decomposition, it looked like a dying person would look. Its clothes were ripped and its flesh looked like it was kind of peeling or something. I don't know were the source came from yet we are still investigating.

-Goa F
e-mail: goafalconis@yahoo.com

Comments from Dr. Pecos: There's three possibilities here: you stumbled upon a zombie, you interrupted a cannibal, or you're making the whole thing up. The detail that has me leaning toward the latter is your observation that the corpse was rotting, but the apparent zombie was covered in blood. In any case, I shall forward this to my people in Ohio for further review.

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