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Incident Report Follow-Up 1

Agent/Witness: Agent Agamemnon

Base: Worcester, Mass.

Date/Time: September 15, 2005/0143 hours

Incident: This report was filed by Agents Mouth and Hawaii upon the commencement of the meeting of senior and non-commissioned officers at 0600 on September 16, 2005.

Agent Hawaii reports that, during routine surveillance of the Kelly Square area, two gentlemen were encountered. Both of them were noted to be of a pale skin tone and one had abnormally sharp teeth when he displayed a smile. Agent Hawaii was engaged in conversation outside of the local Hess gas station where she was basing her surveillance. The two gentlemen inquired as to the location of Club Red and alluded to coming into Worcester from out of town. Agent Mouth, surveying the Kelly Square bridge for incoming and outgoing vehicles, confirmed this.

Agent Hawaii contacted headquarters and informed the commanding officer of the situation. She was advised to bring Agent Mouth and survey Club Red, entering the club if possible. Agent Lotus was also assigned to the surveillance with Agent Pennsylvania in place as backup should it be necessary. Assets within the Worcester Police Department (WPD) were also notified of the potential incursion. During the surveillance, the two men were not seen. There were no reports of abnormal behaviors during the night and all agents retired to rest. Agents Coffin and Susan were assigned to replace the active agents.

At 0213, as the club was ejecting all remaining persons in order to end the night, the two men were seen leaving in the company of one man and one woman. Photographs were taken and brought to the meeting later that day. Agents Coffin and Susan remained on station until 0430.

Upon comparing the photographs taken to current records, it was determined that the male is a suspected vampire, having been sighted in the presence of other incidents including the one reported on 03/22/05.

Further surveillance will take place.

Captain Marcus Booth
1st Company, FVZA Worcester Division


Comments from Dr. Pecos: Club Red? That's a good name for a vampire hangout. If I were on this case as an Investigator I would have tailed the suspects from a safe distance after they left the club.

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