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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Agent Agamemnon

Base: Worcester, MA, USA

Date/Time: March 20, 2005/0813 hours

Incident: On March 19, 2005, Agent Coffin with the Division reported a possible sighting of vampires at the Wyman Gordon manufacturing yards at the junction of May and Southbridge Streets in Worcester, MA. A lone male was seen entering the yards along with two males and two females at 0306 hours. The male was not observed to leave the yards. Agent Coffin submitted this report at 0600 to the command staff meeting. Follow-up investigations with the Worcester Police Department revealed that an adult male has been reported missing in the area. Wyman Gordon Corp. records revealed that three workers had been reported mauled by dogs. All three had been admitted to Worcester PTC Psychiatric Facility due to delusions that they had been attacked by four humans who had surrounded them and bitten them repeatedly. All three were confirmed to be in stable health and the possibility of a zombie outbreak had been disregarded.

Later on the night of March 19, Agents Hawaii and Coffin reported seeing one male and one female being escorted into the yards by the same group at 2116. At 2344 Agent Coffin reported discovering signs of a struggle within the yards and possible indications of at least three vampires (due to foot tracks leading away from the site of the disturbance). The vampires were sighted at 0116 in the eastern sector of the yards feeding on the female human.

Nine members of the FVZA Worcester Division were assembled and a briefing of the situation was conducted. Combat operations were authorized and weapons were issued at 0530. At 0813 a two-pronged sweep was conducted through the yards, clearing the northern and western sectors of the yards without incident while Worcester Police Officers cordoned off the yard to the public, citing a possible leak of chemicals. In the southern sector, one vampire was encountered and dealt with by rifle fire to the head and chest causing massive trauma and bleeding. In the eastern sector, two vampires ambushed FVZA agents and injured me before being dispatched with swords and guns. The bodies were recovered and transported to headquarters for an autopsy by the Chief Medical Officer.

A further search of the yards turned up the bodies of 15 persons, most presumed to have been homeless. One was discovered to have been murdered in an almost ritual fashion with the eyes removed and the fingers severed. Agent Coffin reported the body belonged to one of the females seen on March 19 with the three vampires. It is presumed that she may have been a hanger-on with the group but was killed for unknown reasons.

Commendations were issued to Agents Hawaii, Farmington and Maine. The threat was confirmed neutralized and no further vampire sighting have occurred at this time. Watches will be maintained until further notice.

Captain Marcus Booth
1st Company, FVZA Worcester Division

Comments from Dr. Pecos: I'm accustomed to reviewing reports at a far more preliminary stage than this. As in, some people have disappeared, some shady characters have been seen, etc. But a full-scale sweep with the cooperation of local law enforcement? That's something new. Have the Worcester Police already deputized you? I'm curious about several things, but let's start with the missing man. How was it that he was determined to be missing? Did you get a positive ID on him? In any case, if you found that many vampires, then surely Worcester has a big problem on its hands.

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