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Incident Report

Witness: Bernard

Location: Sydney, Australia

Date/Time: February 14-15, 2003/8:00 p.m.

Incident: I, Agent Bernard, was doing a slow driving reconnaissance of the outskirts of the Kings Cross area when I spotted a girl of approximately 18 years of age in distress. Upon approaching her I saw that she was apparently the victim of a vampire attack, as her arms, legs and neck were covered with day-old bites. The subject, who called herself Sarah, pleaded for help before collapsing with fever. I drove her directly to the nearest hospital and tried to keep her awake by asking about her attackers; by the time we reached the Emergency Room, she had slipped into a vampiric coma. In spite of the blatant evidence, I was unsuccessful in convincing the doctors to use vampire vaccine until four hours after admission. This delay robbed Sarah of being cured, although thankfully she did not survive the coma.

Her death has left us with no direct leads. All we have to go on are her replies to my questions, which answer some concerns but raise others.

Sarah claimed to be a member of "the Brides of Eternity", a high school clique. The "Brides" apparently consisted of a group of females who banded together against "stuck up snobs," a cause suggestive of a private school background. The group seemed to express a desire to be more than they were and also betrayed a fondness for the kind of romanticized tortured creature of vampire novels that runs counter to the real thing. After being selected for "induction," Sarah was blindfolded and led somewhere underground. There it was revealed to her that the members of the group who had disappeared had actually been transformed into vampires, a "gift" they were now offering her. Fully believing the stereotypes, Sarah readily agreed to undergo transformation, until they brought her before the pack's Alpha and began to feed on her. She quickly came to her senses and successfully escaped, stumbling about until she reached the surface after dusk, whereupon I found her.

King's Cross, Sydney
She claimed that the vampire side of the group were predominately females in their late teens to twenties. It was a surprisingly large group, with twenty members and a male Alpha. The lower-ranked vampires alternately referred to him as the Master or the Father. Sarah's description of the Alpha was that of either an incredibly old vampire or a vampire that suffered extensive physical injuries. She claimed the Alpha was so decrepit it required assistance from its fellows to approach her, raising the question of how it retained its position at leader of the pack. One possibility is that the Alpha is playing upon the girls' belief in the mystical TV image of vampires by claiming to have supernatural powers to destroy those who disobey him.

The majority of the group's human members are brainwashed into seeing vampires as romantic and misunderstood figures, free of the worries and problems of humanity. This romanticization makes some highly vulnerable to offering themselves willingly for feeding and transformation into vampires. We suspect that one of the members of the group actively sought the future Alpha out of a desire to become a vampire and then slowly spread the infection to her friends, partly out of hunger but also out of a belief of superiority. Sarah's descriptions of these vampires would seem to imply a high level of personal hygiene (by vampire standards) and a preference for white makeup, either to mask their vampiric nature or possibly to promote the romanticized vampire stereotype. We believe that besides their human "followers," the pack preys on young people of similar outlook; that is, shy people who feel trodden upon and rightly suspect that the world will barely acknowledge their disappearance or death. Among likely victims are university dropouts, backpackers and street kids. Based on the victims' pre-vampire ages, we suspect that raves and nightclubs are the vampires' favored "shopping" locations, along with the pedestrian-heavy area of the Cross.

We have stepped up patrols in the area around where Sarah was initially found, as there is no doubt she was attacked by a vampire pack, but we remain skeptical of the full validity of her claims, many of the things she had said pushing the boundaries of probability.

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