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Incident Report Follow-Up 1

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Agent/Witness: Lock Jaw

Base: Peoria, Illinois

Date/Time: 3/2/05-4/4/05

Incident: This is an in-depth follow-up of the Subway incident. To understand my situation I must go back to the 2nd of March 2005. I was driving alone through the outskirts of my hometown when I felt like something was following me, or watching me at the least. I carry a Glock 9mm in my vehicle (Chevrolet Blazer) at all times (I've hunted vampires for two years). I was stopping at a stop sign when I noticed a tall, scrawny figure looking at me on the corner. He started to approach so I grabbed my Glock (I keep it underneath my steering wheel) and drove off as the figure chased me.

This was the first of a long line of strange encounters. The second one was on the 19th of March, around midnight or so. I was on my spring break, driving home from my job when I noticed I was being followed by a van (Ford Econoline, late 80s model) driven by a skinny, dark figure. A similar looking character was sitting in the passenger seat, and I believe there were more individuals in the back. Whenever I slowed down the van slowed down, and when I sped up it did the same. It took me awhile to realize I was being followed because the van's headlights weren't on, and the street I was driving on did not have lights.

This encounter is when I realized I may very well be being stalked by a pack of vampires. I believe this to be a cell that has been working in the are for a couple months or so, because during the month of January there was a bizarre murder case involving a young girl (15 years old) who was found dismembered. I didn't notice the stalkers until I began taking interest in the case (checking out random buildings, the scene where the body parts were found, etc.) Another reason I realized these may be vampires is that Peoria is located on a river and has several night clubs and abondoned buildings.

The last time I was pursued was the aforementioned Subway incident.

I have a strong feeling these are vampires.

Will follow up when a new lead is found.

Comments from Dr. Pecos: Let me say first of all it is against the law in Illinois to carry loaded, concealed weapons, so if you are indeed carrying a Glock in your car I would strongly advise against it. Now as for your first encounter, a person waiting for you on a street corner suggests an ambush. However, why would vampires attempt to ambush a Chevy Blazer on foot? The second incident is certainly more troubling. For the time being, I would stay away from poorly lit areas. Now if I was investigating this case I would want more details about the murder you mentioned. Vampires will tear apart their victims after feeding, but they usually take care to carefully dispose of the remains so as to avoid detection.

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