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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Kat

Base: Salt Lake City, Utah

Date/Time:3/25/05, approximately 1500 hours

Incident: Friday, March 25, Good Friday, was a rainy and cloudy day. I had just come out of Orion's music on the corner of 2100 S. and 1100 East and had begun to walk south to my vehicle. As I exited the store, I saw no one, or didn't notice anyone, in my immediate vicinity. As I got about five steps away from the door, I saw something next to me. It startled me and my head did a quick 180 degree turn and I saw a person wearing sunglasses and a hood. I almost walked into him/her. I quickly looked away and I kept walking. Then I thought, "gee, that was odd. Where did that person just pop out of?" and immediately my mind jumped back to the stuff I had recently read on this site.

I swear to god, this person was not there when I came out of the store, but was there all of the sudden. Right next to me. Almost breathing down my neck.

I then thought it odd, but not too odd, that not only did this person seemingly pop out of nowhere, but he/she was wearing dark sunglasses on a cloud covered, rainy afternoon.

I kept walking but when I turned around for the third look, I was unable to tell if the person was a boy or a girl. I did see that it was wearing a long green cloak. And the person had proceeded to walk north, towards the intersection, in the opposite direction I was walking. The person had to be at least 5 foot 10, as I'm almost 5 foot 7 and he/she was at least three inches taller than me. I also think it was a girl; I thought I saw some strawberry blonde hair under the hood, which turned out to be a full length cloak.

I assume that it was not a vampire, at least I hope not, because I think had this incident been at night, and it were a vampire, I would have been dinner. Hey, maybe if there weren't people further down the street, I'd have been lunch right then.

I am still leaning towards this being just another vampire wannabe, as the part of town I was in is frequented by all types people: punks, goths, vegans, hippies. In fact, Java Jive used to be right there and was a big hangout for wannabe vampires. None-the-less, it was an odd encounter. Any comments?

Comments from Dr. Pecos: chances of encountering a vampire during the day, even on a rainy day, are remote in the extreme. Vampires lay low during the day not only to avoid detection but because ultraviolet light sends them into fatal convulsions. The urban myth that suggest vampires can go out in the day if they wear sunscreen and sunglasses is just that: a myth. However, the area you speak of does sound like a prime vampire hunting ground, so I would exercise caution if visiting it at night.

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