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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Vampire Hunter X

Base: Berkeley, California

Date/Time:2/4/2005, 0100 hours

Incident: I was outside my buddy's house near Telegraph at 1 a.m. on a week day when some guy ran up to our car yelling about us buying some really old stereo for five dollars. We said "no," and knowing that these people are hurting for drugs really bad, we took off ASAP, smoking the tires on that early 90's black Mustang.

We then drove through the hills in the area, the wooded ones, and encountered a vampire clan of three feeding on a homeless man. One vamp had ripped off his arm and was beating him with it.

My buddy grabbed a police baton with two sharpened stake edges and a ghurka, while I backed him up with a hunting crossbow and a .357 snub on my leg for back up just in case.

I iced one in the heart with the crossbow, and I saw my buddy icing one with a ghurka to the throat. The other one fled, so I rapped a couple shots off in his direction to let him know we were serious. None hit him, but he never came back.

We took the homeless man to the hospital afterward, and he thanked us profusely for saving his life.

Just another night annihilating vampires.

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