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Incident Report Follow-Up

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Witness: Agent Messer

Location: Staunton, Virginia

Date/Time: July 13, 2003/1854 hours

Incident: A woman was found dead in a park, face down behind a bush. The woman had vary pale white skin and two holes on the right side of her neck. There were signs that she was attacked without warning. It appears the attack took place approximately 2000 hours Saturday night, July 12. Odd findings at scene included a strange odor and no footprints. At approximately 1900 hours, I left the scene and went to the address of the woman’s apartment to notify the next of kin. While there, I found out that the victim went missing the night before. I am classifying it as a vampire attack and would like to make a note of the strange odor. This makes the third attack in eight months. The first two attacks came from the same vampire, which was later destroyed by a team. So apparently there is a new vampire hunting in the Staunton area. At this time I am investigating three suspects who just moved into the area. I believe that one of these new residents could be the vampire.

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