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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Louis

Base: Mason, Ohio

Date/Time: 1/16/05, 0130 hours

Incident: I have been working on an album for a friend and after a long day of recording we went down to a pub for singalong night. I've long had suspected there was a strong vampire contingent in my area and I have been testing a theory on vampires' ability to hear or understand hidden maskings on pre-recorded material. During an intermission I slipped in one of my experimental tapes that contained a hidden message telling any vampire in the club to talk to the person with the star earring (THAT WAS ME) about possibly joining a pre-existing pack.

As soon as the message was over a most strange women came up to our table. My friend was unaware of my test so he was taken aback when the woman said she would like to talk to me alone outside. While outside she took me to a van that was in the back of the lot with the side doors open. Inside there were two girls standing over another girl who appeared to be passed out. It didn't take long for them to realize I was not one of them, and so the third women jumped into the van and sped off.

I feel that I have made a very important discovery in the realm of vampire investigation and research. If anyone who reads my report would like to help or has any ideas on how to safely proceed with my project, I would like to hear from them at valariemsn@aol.com.

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