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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Damien Corbus

Base: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date/Time: 12/15/04, 1130 hours

Incident: We all know that we are beset on all sides by wicked things but today I saw something that no man should ever see.

It was late in the morning when I went out to check the mail. On my way to my mailbox I was approached by what I initially thought was my friend from across the street but upon a closer inspection turned out to be a zombie. We locked eyes, he drooled and I raised the axe that I alway carry with me (kinda like the dwarf in Lord of the Rings). Once that zombie saw my axe it went off, ripping and biting at me like a rabid dog. I fixed his rack by hacking off his left arm and then his right, but this hellhound kept coming after me so I fell back in to my house where I found my boomstick (an AK47 with a 30-round clip of tank-stopping power). I then stepped out and shredded his undead ass.

Long story short: that is one less zombie in Las Vegas, Nevada, and one happy dude with a big smoking gun.

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