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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Dallen Wood

Base: Williston, North Dakota

Date/Time: 11/14/04/0900 hours

Incident: I'm an avid deer hunter and on the 14th around 0600 hours a friend and I set out hunting. We took our spot on the side of a ravine in the badlands and sat and waited. At about 0715 hours, I noticed a small buck limping through the ravine. Watching it through my spotters scope, I at first thought it was just wounded from a gunshot, but then I noticed a large chunk missing from his hind right leg. It looked like a bite mark, but from what I wasn't sure.

Knowing that it could be rabid, I quickly shot it and contacted North Dakota Game and Fish. While waiting for the Game Warden to arrive, I inspected the wound. It did not resemble the bite of any animal I knew; in fact, the bite mark looked like it came from human jaws.

We decided to go up the ravine to wait for the warden when I got a whiff of something that smelled like rotten meat. I heard a rustling in the buck brush and turned around, hoping for another deer, when I saw what appeared to be a middle-aged naked man crawling through the brush. He seemed to be going for the deer! I yelled and he stopped and looked up at us with sunken eyes. I still can't get over the thought of those eyes staring a hole in me.

He started moving toward us but couldn't quite make it up the side of the steep hill. It was kind of funny to see him climb up and roll back down. This went on for maybe half an hour before the warden showed up.

When the warden got an eyeful, he thought maybe the guy was drunk and we were just having fun with him. The warden started toward the naked man and I yelled at him not too get to close. He was about 7 to 10 feet from him when the naked man lunged. Luckily the warden was able to quickly kick the man and escape possible infection.

We proceeded to shoot the man several times and then carefully bagged the body in my deer bag to be sent in to the state for tests. The warden asked us to keep this quiet. I asked him to contact the FVZA for further info, but last I heard he was in quarantine in the state mental hospital. Seems like he went crazy and tried to attack a fellow warden a few days later.

I'm keeping quiet until further notice from the FVZA. I told the hospital what was wrong and they just seemed to laugh. Seems like it's the state's problem now.

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