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Incident Report Follow-Up 2

Agent/Witness: Agent Abbott

Base: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

e-mail: pka54@hotmail.com

Date/Time: July 13, 2004/1200 hours

Incident: Update of Undead in South Dakota.

Almost a week has gone has by and the investigation continues. While there have been no more reports of zombies in the area, there has been one murder and now a stockyard worker has gone missing along with several residents. The problem that we are facing is that the stockyards are a huge maze that borders the falls, a meat processing plant, and an old residential area. All three are prime hiding places for vampire packs. We believe that they are staying in the general area because the murder and missing persons cases have occurred within a four-mile circle of the stockyards. We are also certain that there are two packs active in the stockyards because things have been happening in pairs at almost the same time. We plan to do a sweep of the stockyards at dawn to try to annihilate the packs or at least take prisoners for interrogation.

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