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Incident Report Follow-Up 1

Agent/Witness: Agent Abbott

Base: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

e-mail: pka54@hotmail.com

Date/Time: July 1, 2004/1300 hours

Incident: We received a tip indicating that "homeless" were seen wondering around the falls. A sweep of the area around the falls turned up what we considered to be the main hiding place for the zombies. After a brief raid, we managed to destroy four zombies. They seemed to be the "homeless" people who were in fact the zombies that first got our attention. The vampires are harder to find. After compiling different information we believe that there are two hunting packs that work together. The local stockyard has had a few cows die from blood loss. We believe that the vampires are currently "farming" the cows. We will investigate further and keep the FVZA informed.

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