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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Agent Abbott

Base: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

e-mail: pka54@hotmail.com

Date/Time: June 24, 2004/2300 hours

Incident: A rather nasty problem is developing out in the Great Plains. For the last few days missing animal reports have been coming in. A group of homeless were reportedly seen at several of these occurrences. After a short search my partner and I found what we thought was the homeless hideout by the falls on the Big Sioux River. We did not find anyone but what we did find convinced us of zombie activity. The smell was horrible, and the ground was littered with dead animal corpses that had been stripped to the bone. The bones had clear zombie bites on them.

We decided that it would be best to set up a watch near the hideout. At around 2300 hours we saw movement near the tree line. Nightvision scopes showed four people attacking a large dog. As we popped out to engage what we thought were zombies, the subjects fled at an amazing pace and got away from us. When we returned to the scene of the incident we found the dog with puncture marks on it. A quick lab report done today (June 25) showed that the vampire virus was in the wounds of the dead dog.

My partner and I now fear that both zombies and vampires are in the city of Sioux Falls. There are many places for them to hide, from rural farmsteads to urban abandoned buildings. We will investigate further and keep the FVZA informed.

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