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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Jerry

Base: Chichester, England

Date/Time: April 14, 2004/0145 hours

Incident: Walking from Fishbourne to Chichester (a matter of 6-10 minutes) I spotted what seemed to be a group of "drunken louts" staggering and lurching about. As I neared the group however, I noticed the lack of boisterousness and the unkept appearance. When only a few yards away it dawned on me that something just wasn't right. Rather than confront the group, I crossed the road and went on my way. A loud "groan" sounded and the pack shuffled after me. Needless to say I ran for all I was worth, leaving the pack behind. It wasn't untill I discovered this Web site that I put two and two together. The group consisted of about 5-6 bodies, and seemed to be human-like in form.

I hope that this will be of some help to you.

Keep up the good work.

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