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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Mark

Base: Brisbane, Australia

Date/Time: February 29, 2003/2245 hours

Incident: I was walking home from a nightclub when two men and a woman called me over to see if I could help with their broken down car. I was feeling generous that night so I went over and helped them. I had a look under the hood and just as I was telling them that I couldn't see anything wrong they grabbed me from behind and pushed me into the car. Before I knew it, they had tied my hands up and blindfolded me.

They started driving. Up to that point I thought I was being kidnapped, but then they started talking about drinking blood and killing people. Some time later we came to a stop and they dragged me out of the car and into a building where I was locked in a room. I got my blindfold off and saw that there was a young woman in there with me. She seemed extremely scared. I told her not to worry and that I would get us out of there.

Several hours later someone opened the door. I noticed that he was extremely old and had no hair. He was accompanied by the people who had kidnapped me. The old man looked at us and whispered something to the others, and then they left. As they were closing the door I jammed a nail that I had found in the room into the door so that it couldn't close properly (thankfully they didn't notice). About ten minutes later I opened the door and both of us went out into the hallway. It looked to be an old hospital with corridors. As we were walking down one of the hallways I looked into one of the rooms and it was then that I realized that these people were vampires because I saw one of them feeding on someone.

The girl and I started running. We found a door that led outside and we ran and did not look back until we found the highway. We got a lift back into town and we both decided not to say anything until we found someone else to talk to about it. One of my friends had also experienced vampires so I talked to him and he said to look up this Web site and post my encounter.

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