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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Ben Jamison

Base: Rockingham, Australia

Date/Time: December 12, 2003/2300 hours (estimate)

Incident: At Rockingham in Western Australia my friends and I love to partake in urban exploration, also known as getting into places we shouldn't be. On the edge of the east side of town there's an old decrepit single story house. All I have been able to find out about it was that it was last owned in the 1970s by an old couple. I wasn't able to gather any names. A lot of your usual urban legend stories circulate around the younger population alleging that there was a crime case where some people where murdered, but I haven't found any records to confirm it.

On the 3rd of December me and four mates (3 guys, 1 girl) decided to go have a look, maybe just to get creeped out a little.

We arrived around 10, maybe 10:30, and we broke in after finding to our surprise that the door was locked. It was pretty much what we expected: lots of dust and busted up furniture. The first thing that made me iffy though was that there were no prints in the dust, even though there was broken furniture all about, and also there were no spiderwebs, broken or otherwise. In addition, there was absolutely no interior damage such as marked walls or water damage, though by the condition of the roof you would expect leaks and water damage. Also, I noted there were no dust or age smells; only the faint smell of urine.

The kitchen was like the front room, except the bench near the back of the room was free of dust. The fridge was closed so we opened it, expecting maybe some rotten food or what not, but the smell that came from it when opened the door was horrendous. The stink of decay almost made me gag, but the fridge was empty apart for some black-brown stains on the bottom rack. We quickly closed it and decided to try a different room. The bedroom was the same as the front room: everything broken and strewn about. The bathroom was meticulously clean: no dust, nothing broken, mirror, shower and sink units still intact.

In the cupboard we saw some bottles with new labels. We removed two of the bottles. One was in a brown glass bottle and was labeled plainly "Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride 100 mg." It had a childsafe lid and a "This drug may cause drowsiness" sticker on it. Apart from that, there was no other indication of what it might be used for. The second bottle was a glass vial with a kind of airtight compression seal or something like that on it. It bore a white sticker with the words "Filoviridae Test" and "Warning: do not open unless in confined laboratory conditions" written on it. I still have the bottle and vial in my desk drawer, though I haven't opened it yet.

After that we decided to check out a small study room in the back corner of the house. Like the bedroom it was full of undisturbed dust and broken furniture. In a broken desk there were a few old gun magazines and a worn green book entitled, "The Windsor Magazine Vol-VI 1897." "In the corner under a chair was a trapdoor with an old rusted chain and lock, which snapped easily.

I went down first. At the bottom of the metal ladder there was an old tunnel that looked like one of those 1950s bomb shelter walkways, so that's what I assumed it was. We started down the tunnel and found a metal studded door with a strange knob on it. The doors were freshly greased and opened easily.

The rotting smell hit me immediately. It was pitch black in the room, so I shined the flashlight in and something moved. I slammed the door quickly and stepped back. After that I heard no sound of movement, which was probably due to the thick door. The girl in our group was in tears so she left with two of the guys, but my best friend and I stayed.

After working up the courage to open the door again, I did so and heard the sound of slow footsteps. The footsteps were coming closer, maybe 8-12 feet away, causing me to fall back against the side of the door fame. I felt something dig into my back. After a few panicked seconds I discovered it was a light switch and I turned it on. I saw that the room was maybe 20 -25 feet long by 10-15 wide. In the corner was a cage and what I thought was someone struggling to walk. I was shocked and automatically thought maybe it was a prisoner. But when I stepped a few feet towards the cage, I saw that this creature had no clothes on and the flesh was rotting off its body. I then thought maybe it had some kind of disease, like leprosy. I tried to talk to it, but it didn't reply and only stumbled into the bars and fell over.

My friend walked into the room, took one look and fled. I stayed to see if I could open the cage. Then I saw a grey metal desk with some paper on it. I grabbed the top sheet and put it in my pocket, then I went over to the cage. The thing had got up and was lunging at the bars and biting the metal. The door wasn't keylocked but had a handle that had to be pulled out, twisted and pushed back in. The door opened and the thing lurched after me. I ran to the exit door, slammed it shut and ran out of the house.

After that we went back to my place. Me and my best friend thought we had better not tell anyone about this, because who would really believe us? So we told the other friend with us that the place was a rotten meat cellar with some rats running about. After everyone left I remembered the paper I had in my pocket. It's a photocopy and is written like this:

Involuntary detainment order. Quarantine Act 1996 Section 43(2)(a) Form 6 NOT COPIED FOR CLIENT

Family Name: Rodgers
Other Names: Jacob
Address: (No address written)
Postcode: (No postcode either)
Date of Birth: 15/05/1968
Detainee Reference no: (no number written)

Name of Examining Specialist: Gordon (indecipherable, the last letters were "ink")
Date of Examination: 4/11/03
Time of Examination: 1600 a.m./p.m. (pm was circled)

Basis on which order was made:

Facility where patient to be detained: F-side facility QBlock A-3
Date detention to end: (nothing written here)
Time detention to end: am/pm (nothing here)

Signature of specialist: (a "G" and some signature scribble after it)
Date: 4/11/03
Time: 1700 a.m./p.m. (p.m. was circled)

Well, that's what happened that night; we haven't been back there since, I have a compulsion to go there again alone, but haven't built the courage to go yet. Nobody but us knows about this and nobody has spoken of it that I know of.

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