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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Lawson Turner

Base: Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

Date/Time: Spring 2001

Incident: Though my memory is foggy of the date, I once went into a cave by a bridge directly across from a river. The cave was small, only about 50 feet long, and it had several turnoffs, each about 8-12 feet long. According to local sources it used to be a mine, but all of the shafts, which used to go for miles, have long since caved in.

This will probably sound like a ghost story, but many people in the area (including a friend of mine named Michael) have reported screams coming from the cave. Though there are very few people who go missing in Sheet Harbour, many pets (especially cats) have disappeared. The main room in the cave is filled with empty beer bottles and many spiders. Apparently, back in the 80s teenagers used to go there to drink.

While in the cave I saw that one of the turnoffs had what looked like a hole going downward. It was far too wet and narrow for me to get safely down there. Upon exiting the cave I saw two figures running into the woods. I yelled "hello?" but got no response (I was armed with a large machete and several knives). After checking the cave once more I noticed a white stick-like object that looked like a bone. I didn't examine any closer because I was afraid to touch it without gloves on. At the end of the cave I saw what looked like a small pattern of crystals in the wall. I tried removing them with a knife but the blade started chipping.

I haven't been back to the cave in over two years but I plan to go back soon.

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