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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Simon M. Clabby

Base: England

Date/Time: August 19, 2003

Incident: While my previous experiences have lead me to be quite an efficient vampire hunter, I was unprepared for what recently occurred. I was doing some research for the Ministry of Defences Palaeontological unit on dinosaur remains collected from a locality on the Isle of Wight under the cover of a Web site that I run. The remains were of an allosaur-like creature called Neovenator. I was forced to use the storeroom of a museum on the island that I cannot name.

A Neovenator Skeleton
I had examined some material before from an animal found in the jaws of this creature, and found that the osteology was unusual, even for a dinosaur. Closer examination showed that it was similar to the Zombie virus. I had to check that the Neovenator did not have a similar condition. Sadly, it did. It was when I had finished the examination that I found that areas of the bone had been removed, and upon further investigation I discovered they had been removed by scientists from the local University, with the intention of extracting DNA. As all good scientists know, dinosaur DNA is never preserved, but unfortunately the fusion with the zombie virus has made it more durable, and they had succeeded. I contacted the University, with Ministry orders to stop them, but they refused, and by the time an injunction could be written, they had produced a viable embryo.

A raid by the MOD found nothing in the lab, and we assumed that they had destroyed the embryo after receiving a tip off to our arrival. How wrong we were...

It was on the 19th of August, eight months later, that we got a call from the local industrial park that a large creature had broken free from a lockup and was rampaging around the site, attacking people, and that some of the survivors were becoming erratic. When I arrived, I was stunned to see a full grown Neovenator prowling the streets of the site, which fortunately had been cordoned off by a containment team. I was able to trap and eliminate the zombie Neovenator with the use of some cattle and an anti-tank rocket. I then created a cover story for the Press, and left the containment team to finish off the human zombies.

Please note that some of the details here have been changed for Security reasons, and that the name I have given here is a pseudonym.

"Simon M. Clabby"

© 2003 Dango Productions, Inc.