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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Donald Hunt

Base: Morristown, New Jersey

e-mail: dhunt@tycotelecom.com

Date/Time: October 16, 2003/2200-2300 hours

Incident: At 2200 I was filling my Jeep with gas and noticed a figure blurred from the light across the road. I questioned the attendant (in New Jersey you have to have the attendant fill your car with gas), being careful not to alert him of my status as an FVZA Agent. He told me this man had been around the station at late hours. I had also noticed that our cat population had been dwindling recently and that my two dogs, (trained to sense the undead) had been a bit "off" lately.

I was able to park down the street and take to foot. I followed this figure and gave him plenty of space for two reasons: first, so as not to alert him in case this was just a vagrant; and second, if he was a vamp I wanted to track it to its nest. Unfortunately, being a newly inducted agent, my tracking skills were not perfect and he heard me and turned to reveal that he was most definitely a Vamp. I spun and retreated and was able to take refuge under an old car. I believe that stench of old gas threw him off my trail. Looking from under the car, I saw that he was of Latin descent, balding, with very white eyes, pale yellow/greenish skin and longer than normal canines.

If in the New Jersey area please take caution as I believe the suspect is one of many from a nest. I will continue to search for this nest and report any further findings

Additional information for field agents in New Jersey: Look for people who appear to be loners and avoid the light. I also noticed white linen wrappings for clothes; this may be from their nest in either an old holding place or an abandoned hospital wing. Although I have not encountered any Vamp mind control, please approach with caution.

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