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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: Patrick Abbott

Base: Brookings, South Dakota

e-mail: pka54@hotmail.com

Date/Time: September 25, 2003/2300 hours

Incident: There have been three missing persons reports recently at South Dakota State University. At first it was believed that the missing people were just dropouts, but what I saw last night makes me suspect Vampire activity. I was on my usual walk around campus when I noticed four individuals surrounding a person lying on the ground. I approached the group, thinking it was some sort of mugging, but as I got closer the four individuals made hissing sounds and tried to encircle me. Knowing that I was outnumbered I ran back to my house and contacted a friend (also in the FVZA). We returned to the spot but the four individuals and the person on the ground were gone.

I fear that vampires may be at work on campus attacking and even recruiting people. There are lots of slum houses by campus and farms outside of town where they can hide. I will keep the FVZA informed on what happens with my investigation. Also, any help with these case would greatly be appreciated.

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