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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: B (not a registered agent)

Base: Springville, Pennsylvania

e-mail: assaultingjimmatheson@hotmail.com

Date/Time: September 23, 2003/2100-2300 hours

Incident: Hello. I'd first like to mention that I'm not a member of your organization, but I have some findings that might be of interest to you.

In the summer of '03, a farmer who lives about a mile from me was telling my grandmother how two of his hunting beagles were killed, evidently by an animal. He said that the dogs had a lot of tears and bites on the neck and hind legs, and he had no clue what kind of animal would have done this. So my friend Charlie and I told him we'd take a couple shotguns and camp out one night in his field to see what might have done this before it started attacking cattle or something.

We were sitting in the upper pasture along the treeline of the woods, and about an hour after the sun had completely set we heard a few sticks snap and mild rustling. We headed towards the noise with our guns ready, but it seemed as soon as we stepped forward, the thing was making a great effort to move away, and very fast at that. We found footprints, which clearly belonged to a person who seemed to be missing one shoe. We pursued quickly until we thought we had it cornered in a ravine. Whatever it was went up over the incredibly steep incline with virtually no effort. This freaked us out a bit, but we returned the following night.

This time through binoculars, we caught a glimpse of our target: a man in tattered clothing on our employer's back porch. He was hunched over a small house dog that had been put outside for the night, and he was clearly chewing on it. It was sickening. We brandished our shotguns and ran towards the porch to apprehend him. He seemed to hear us coming as soon as we started after him. He gave us one look from about 70 yards away, and then he bolted away, like a bat out of hell no less. I have never seen anything move that fast before. He then jumped clear over a storage shack and we didn't see a trace of him after that.

We told Mr. Taylor what we saw, and he seemed skeptical, but told other farmers to keep a look out for anyone in town they didn't recognize.

I started telling some people in chatrooms about this, and one person showed a lot of interest. I don't know if it was one of your agents, but he mentioned something of vampires. I laughed it off at first, but then he referred me to your site. I do believe in a bit of the supernatural, and once I read your profiles on vampires I was intrigued. I knew that the man who had been killing dogs wasn't ordinary...I mean come on, running at breakneck speed and clearing a shack in one jump isn't something a normal person can do.

My friend and I read into it a bit more and then did some investigating. We decided to check out the old feedmill situated on the old railroad tracks through the woods, less than a mile from the attacks. We entered the mill in broad daylight and made our way to the top of the condemned building, where we saw what looked like a homeless man sleeping in a dark corner. We shined a search light on his face and tried to speak to him, but when he opened his eyes and the light hit them he freaked out and starting tearing at his face. This, needless to say, scared the hell out of us. Regardless, we pursued him, but as soon as we came forward he jumped out of a nearby window and started running through the woods. He ran with his hands over his face, crashing into trees then getting back up and running further. Again we couldn't catch him.

That was the last we saw of him.

I wanted to know if this sounded like a vampire to you, and if so, what can we do to stop it? We have plenty of guns and medieval weaponry since we are both collectors, but after seeing your site we figured if any of your agents were enrolled in this area, that would be the safer route.

I hope you will respond to this, as I fear that thing might come back and start hurting people in my hometown.

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