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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: PF

Base: New York

Date/Time: August 23, 2003/2330 hours

Incident: While conducting field operations in the Westhampton NY Pine Barren region several team members including myself witnessed the following:

At approximately 21:00EDT while conducting infiltration exercises at the XXXTh ANG field we received an ELT beacon on 243.00mhz. The O.I.C. requested that exercises be terminated and redirected our team to investigate the source of the ELT transmission. Due to the fact that this was not a civilian distress signal and that we were already airborne, U.S.C.G. Group XXXXXXXX was advised to stand down. At 21:43EDT we were in the general area of the ELT signal according to the tower and Nightrider XXX (U.S. Customs interdiction aircraft in the area). After conducting aerial observations for approximately 10 minutes the O.I.C. advised us that we were to secure the area and perform a search to locate the source transmission. Our team fast roped into New York State property and began a grid search for the signal.

NOTE: This location is off limits to civilians; however local authorities (Southampton Town Police and the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation) have observed otherwise.

At 22:50 a member of our team advised us via radio (unsecured) that they had located the source transmission. At this time the O.I.C. advised us to switch over to TAC 6 on our radios (secure comms). It should be known that when we are told to switch to secure communications it means that our radio traffic is not able to be received by the general public.

At 23:20 all of our team arrived at the location that was relayed in. Upon our arrival small arms fire erupted approximately 150 meters west of our location in our general direction. We returned fire and at 23:25 all hostile fire has subsided. We came upon the source of the ELT transmission, which is difficult if not impossible to describe.

C-130 Aircraft
A partially intact C-130 aircraft with no distinguishable markings and approximately 30-60 active military personnel inside the aircraft, all D.O.A. The team member that had initially located the transmission was D.O.A. as well as the "hostiles" that appeared to be active military personnel from the XXX Chemical Corps, U.S. Army. Upon further investigation of the scene we noticed that the injuries sustained to our team member and the deceased U.S. Army personnel were what appeared to be bite marks and severe lacerations. Most if not all of the deceased had some appendages removed from their bodies. At 23:30HRS we noticed that some of the suspected D.O.A. began to move about. The team medic attempted to assist the aided cases and was attacked, within seconds he was killed by what only minutes earlier were suspected D.O.A.s. At this time I radioed the O.I.C. and advised that we had 2 K.I.A. and a possible biological contamination issue and was told to exfiltrate the team immediately.

We attempted to remove our K.I.A.s after engaging homicidal/deranged personnel from the C-130, but it proved to be a futile. Our team expended approximately 800 rounds (5.56mm) and 1000 rounds (7.62mm) at the "hostiles," which had little or no effect. I witnessed one hostile take one full magazine of 5.56mm directly to the torso and continue to walk in a trance-like manner. Although it is unclear as to why these homicidal/deranged persons were not affected by our small arms fire, it is clear that they were indeed deceased albeit animated.

Upon exfiltration of the area we performed a final engagement of the homicidal/deranged using Thermite and M67 fragmentation grenades which reduced their levels approximately by half. Unfortunately, our ammunition was limited by the fact that our team had been on a training exercise and that we had previously engaged the "hostiles."

At 23:58 EDT the remainder of the team including myself were picked up by a Chinook helo and airlifted to base U.S. ANG XXX.

In conclusion I understand that this will not be an official after-action report and any events contained herein are subject to classification T.S.

To the reader of this report: although this officially did not happen, the above fictional report has had many changes and omissions. Hopefully enough changes were made that I won't spend the next 20 years in military prison for a breach of D.O.D. security.

Unofficially, what actually took place was much worse.

Sincerely, "PF" U.S. Navy RET.

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