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Incident Report Follow Up 1

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Agent/Witness: Fenton Meiks

Base: Clear Lake, Wisconsin

Date/Time: September 6, 2003/1400-2300 hours

Incident: After witnessing what could have been vampiric activity in Eau Claire, I decided to do some research. I looked into missing persons reports for the last month in the Eau Claire area and found nothing out of the ordinary, so I decided to look for reports of missing family pets, as the creature that I saw in passing was feeding on a small dog. That search turned out negative so I began to suspect that something else was going on.

Since I was now going to embark on a sneak and peak, I contacted a merc that I sometimes team up with named Iron Mike. Iron Mike is a former member of the marine recon platoon, and he has seen his fair share of action, both in combat and in his sideline as a paranormal investigator. I filled him in on the facts and we decided to do a night recon on a Saturday night. We picked our equipment carefully, deciding to go with silenced H&K MP5's as our sidearms, just in case. We armed ourselves with hollow point rounds for this weapon. Iron Mike decided to go with an H&K Fabarm tactical Semi Automatic Shotgun, arming himself with phosphorus rounds. We also picked some night vision goggles, opting for some with thermal capabilities over the regular starlight goggles. Since this was a two man recon, we were not going to use tactical radios.

We decided to do a drive through in the neighborhood looking for possible hiding places for vampires while it was still light out. Afterwards, we parked our vehicle in a rather hidden spot in the area and waited until it got dark. As the sun went down, we exited our vehicle and started our recon patrol, staying in the shadows so as to keep from drawing attention to ourselves.

We made our way slowly to the spot that I had first seen the creature. Finding nothing, we started to zig zag through the neighborhood. Soon we saw someone walking hunched over, with a weird gait. As Iron Mike slowly raised his shotgun, I gave him a hand signal, letting him know that I wanted to follow the quarry back to his hiding place. We followed behind the creature for a few blocks. As the creature headed toward an old looking house, I raised my thermal goggles to see if what I suspected was true. Indeed it was, as the subject gave off too high of a thermal reading to be a vampire. We now knew the truth: it wasn't a vampire that I had seen before, but a young adult pretending to be one. I don't know where he got the dog from before, or how he put the puncture wounds in the dead animal, but that wasn't our problem. We stealthily followed him until we saw him join a small group of young adults playing vampire.

We extricated ourselves from the neighborhood and made our way back to our vehicle. On the trip out of Eau Claire, Iron Mike remarked to me that even though we didn't find anything that evening, and perhaps there wasn't any activity in the area, we should still keep our eyes and ears open. I agreed. For now, the vampire case in Eau Claire is a false alarm.

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