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Incident Report Follow Up 2

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Agent/Witness: Lotus

Base: Near Ravenna, Ohio

Date/Time: September 14, 2003/0330 hours

Incident: I was at my friend's house in the area of the recent activity. I was the only person in the house who was awake. I went upstairs to get a full pack of smokes, and right when I entered my room, I heard somebody running up the roof. I suspected it was a vampire, as I heard only one set of legs, and I have been noticing major activity out here. I also heard a dog yelping and screaming in the woods the night before. Sure enough, the neighbor came over the next day and asked us if we had seen his dog.

I also found a possible den that I would like to check out. I'm onto something big out here, but I have so many theories and minor incidents that I don't even know where to begin. As always, I will update the report as info becomes available.

Lotus Out.

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