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Incident Report Follow Up 1

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Agent/Witness: Lotus

Base: Hiram, Ohio

Date/Time: September 2, 2003/2150 hours

Incident: the Vampiric activity in the Hiram/Mantua area has spread. I was staying at a friend's house last night and was out on the front porch when I had a very strange feeling. I looked over into the woods and saw human-sized shadows running about on the old paintball course located there. I am planning on returning to the site this weekend. I would like to investigate the surrounding woodlands, but they are too large, and I don't know the area. Me going solo is suicide. I won't mention the name of the town, for my friend's sake, but it is near Ravenna. If there are any FVZA agents, or any members of the Order of the Rose, contact me if you wish to offer any aid. I'm sick of all the damn vampires around here.

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