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Incident Report Follow Up 5

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Agent/Witness: Panther

Base: Cleveland, Tennessee

Date/Time: January 3, 2005/1900 hours

Incident: I decided to go for a walk after eating with my boyfriend so we went to a park called Fletcher. There have been accounts of strange happenings at this park before. As you walk on the path, you reach an open field. We were about halfway through when we heard twigs snapping in the field, followed by the sound of something growling. At first we thought it might have been a dog, but when we looked its way we saw that it was the same size as us and it was somewhat hunched over. I had my staff with me and I was waiting for it to charge, but instead it just stayed there watching us. We kept walking and glanced over our shoulders every so often until we made it back to my car.

I'm still not exactly sure what it was because there isn't any lighting at the park so we couldn't make a precise description. We were there four months before though doing a field exercise and as we were walking through this smaller field, something big hissed and quickly ran off. I'm still questioning that as well. I will conduct further investigations and definitely have some people with me when I do.

Signing off.

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