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Incident Report Follow Up 4

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Agent/Witness: Panther

Base: Cleveland, Tennessee

Date/Time: February 13, 2004/2100 hours

Incident: I may be jumping to conclusions here, but I don't know any other explanation for the following:

Three of us decided to visit this local park I have mentioned in my previous reports. I was with another girl and a guy. I was the first one to get there and just as I arrived, I noticed two cars parked toward the back of the park. At first, I thought it was just the usual teens hanging out. I had been waiting for about eight minutes when the cars started to leave. They turned out to be cop cars; one left while the other circled around back toward me. The cop parked behind me and flashed a really bright light through the back window of my car. After a few seconds he cut it off and drove around again, and right as he circled back my friends arrived and parked. I got out and went over to their car to warn them about it. The cop car stopped again and the policeman got out and asked our guy friend for an ID. The cop shined a light on his car tag, and then gave back the ID and drove off. We thought it was kind of strange.

Well, we finally got to our little walk around, getting stuck in mud here and there, before we arrived at the back of the park and this balcony type of structure overlooking a now flooded stream. We stood there and talked a few minutes, and then the girl in our group noticed an almost full pack of cigarettes and a can of beer just laying on the bench nearby. She thought maybe the person had left in a hurry. My opinion was that maybe he never left at all, and that something might have taken him by force.

As we were leaving, my guy friend and I noticed two glowing red eyes peering from inside/behind a bush, and we immediately hurried to our cars and left.

I don't know what you would say about it, but it seemed odd to me, especially since the police were there as well.

I don't know if I'll be looking back into this or not. I'll report back if anything else shows up.

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