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Incident Report Follow Up 6

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Agent/Witness: Orin

e-mail: fvzawisconsin@aol.com

Base: Southeast Wisconsin

Date/Time: November 11, 2003

Incident: I just want to tell everyone that I'm finally out of the hospital and will be taking over again. Agent Steel was standing in for me. He tells me that he had filed another report in my absence but it was never posted. I apologize, he isn't much for technology.

This is all the new stuff we have.

Conman was communicating with the vampires for awhile before he was killed. He had arranged to meet with one such leech that had been some kind of record keeper of suckhead legends and information. There is a legend about some Werecreature that became infected with HVV. This creature apparently fought off the virus for the most part until its metabolism went wacky during the full moon. The virus mutated and hit the creature in some bizarre way. According to the legends, it only hunts vampires during the moon phases or within a week or two of an eclipse. Our informant thinks that the mutated HVV only affects the creature while it is in its bestial form, forcing it to feed off of vampires so that it can get more normal HVV cells for the mutated cells to alter.

It's as if this thing knows what it needs to live and travels around looking for them. We think that the leeches in the area attempted an offensive against angry Bob. They came into the city looking for him and only made the feast bigger.

All the bodies we found were ripped up with the abdomens ripped out and apparently eaten. A lot of the spines and brains had been eaten as well. Our newest member, Agent Shade, was the only one that seemed to be able to track it down. He was always the first to find the decimated suckheads and report them back. Unfortunately, he seems to have left town. His last message to us was written on a piece of toilette paper and said "I'm done here guys, it's been great but I have things to do. Maybe I'll come back some day." He also took $300 dollars from our cash box. Steel thinks he wimped out.

We have had no other reports of angry Bob. I guess that the vampire was correct: only during the full moon...

I still want this creature identified. It might be important in the future. The previous attacks came from Canada then Michigan so I assume it's moving south.

Agent Orin

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