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Incident Report Follow Up 3

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Agent/Witness: Orin

e-mail: fvzawisconsin@aol.com

Base: Southeast Wisconsin

Date/Time: 11/4/03/0000 hours

Incident: This has turned out to be the most screwed up scenario I have ever encountered. Last night Agent Shade found a haunt with about 15 chewed up leeches in it. Whatever attacked them managed to rip its way through a cement support wall to get to the suckheads on the other side. The frightening part is that these were some of the leeches that got into our weapons depot. They were sporting shotguns and every single one of them had been used. There wasn't a drop of non-ichor blood. So either this "thing" is some kind of cracked-out vampire or its something else that isn't even irritated by gunfire. I refuse to believe that something won't bleed after you blast it with a 12 gauge. Especially if you blast it like 30 times.

Look up any info you can find on creatures that hunt vampires. We're clueless here.


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