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Incident Report Follow Up 2

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Agent/Witness: Orin

Base: Southeast Wisconsin

Date/Time: 10/31/03/2000 hours

Incident: We have encountered something odd. Last night while on patrol, Shade found the corpses of six or seven suckheads torn to sh*t in a dumpster. In addition, there were claw marks all along the side of a car. The tracks show only one attacker. Are they hunting each other? We have 3 researchers currently digging up anything they can find about possible historical civil wars between leeches. What ever that thing was it was huge and it tore through the suckheads like Jell-O. I wish it had been muddy so we could have gotten footprints. But we know it was tall enough to impale a leech with a busted tree limb 12 feet off the ground. Perhaps our suspicions about them hiding from something were correct. Right now we have too many questions and no means of getting them answered.

Agent Shade made a valid point. If the suckheads knew where all our sh*t was and knew that we were unprepared for a full assault, why didn't they kill us off when they had the chance? Con man was guarding the stock room and the armory when he was killed. Shade thinks it's possible that they just hit the weapon depot and he got in the way. WHAT THE F**K WOULD MAKE THEM DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT? Mass recruiting, stockpiling blood and guns, even one near-daylight assault. Something is really f****d up and we need to figure out what.


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