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Incident Report Follow Up 1

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Agent/Witness: Orin

Base: Southeast Wisconsin

Date/Time: 10/31/03/0000 hours

Incident: The suckheads have been recruiting. These past two weeks have been Hell on a stick! Our lab was attacked and most of our research has been ransacked. We have two of the three backup disks though and should be able to compile the missing data from memory. There were about 15 leeches in the raiding party and at least five of them were still sporting a full head of hair. Steel got bit two more times and there still is no negative effect. He has shown no signs of the virus. Apparently we were correct about the strength of the resistance he has built up over the years. We lost Agent Conman. He took a shotgun blast to the side of the head. We're still a little f****d up from that...

There is a major influx of leech activity in the area. Reports are coming in almost every other day from Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee. God only knows what effect it's having in rural areas. We're up to our eyeballs in a**holes. Locals saying that they have seen a vampire but can't give specifics because they were too scared to look. We have seven dead dogs and 27 dead cat reports. The animals were supposedly decapitated and exsanguinated. There is a school teacher who reported seeing some "hideous hunched over people climbing out of a sewer tunnel." One of them was dragging what looked like a deer.

We try to keep tabs on road kill, missing pets and reports of animal attacks on chickens and stuff. They don't generally feed off of animals but they can when they need blood in a hurry. It's like they're stockpiling for something here.

Our New Member, Agent Shade, has been collecting recon on possible haunts and we're going to move tomorrow morning. I hope the rain keeps up to assist in masking our scent. We're going to have to break out the big guns again. I've got Steel doing a checkup on the Beast (our assault SUV), and Boomer is mixing up a batch of his mom's homemade explosives. The bastards that tore through the lab were all wearing ballistic jackets and most of them had guns. I f sh*t doesn't clear up I'll be calling Agents in from surrounding areas to help with the purge.

So far, the plan stands at one haunt every two nights. We're going to keep Shade on the recon so he can nose out a few more. The more of these suckheads we can rout out before they see it coming the better. We have called in a couple of other professionals from an unaffiliated hunter group from Madison called "Lunatic Fringe." They're a little crazy and they dress like something out of Mad Max but they know their stuff. The leader, a guy that goes by the call sign DOLPHIN, is a former Navy Seal so I have faith that they can handle themselves.

All agents in the central region need to be on alert. This attack was unexpected and everything was quiet for weeks beforehand. Stay on your toes Agents and double check your security measures.


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