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Incident Report

Agent/Witness: T

Base: Tennessee

Date/Time: July 29, 2003

Incident: In this town tales of vampires have been flying around for years. My team and I decided to follow some of them up. We have found a large vampire hunt hunting pack that seems to be bringing prey back to the nest, maybe to feed others. I was on a night stakeout of what we thought was a "hunting trail" and heard screaming. I got to the point of attack a little too late and they got away with her. We have had many "standoffs" with the pack, with neither side really attacking the other. They see the swords, and we see that there are four vampires for every one of us. IN THIS AREA THERE ARE ONLY 3 AGENTS and a guy with a loud flashlight (don't ask about that last one), and we don't seem to be getting much help. We have narrowed down the location of that one nest and are finding possible new sites. For such a small town we are having lots of problems, and a growing number of missing persons. We have been out many times trying to stay one step ahead of the pack, but always end up four steps back. I will keep you posted on all activity and actions.

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