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Incident Report Follow Up 12

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Agent/Witness: A

Base: Theodore, Alabama

Date/Time: June 29, 2004

Incident: The other zombie presence remains currently at large. We have received reports of slaughtered domestic animals and a curious, but disappointingly vague, sighting around the general area of the farm.

We have since received two calls pertaining to dogs that had been killed. Both showed lacerations typical of a zombie mauling.

The sighting occurred at 9:30 PM central time on June 26, 2004. The contact reported seeing a man staggering through his yard as though intoxicated. The man was on the far end of the yard, and when the contact went to investigate he was unable to locate the subject. The contact also reported a distinctly rotten smell in the air.

The current circumstances leave no doubt that there is zombie activity in the area, but we have yet to locate the zombie(s) in question. Our search continues. Will report.

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