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Incident Report Follow Up 11

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Agent/Witness: A

Base: Theodore, Alabama

Date/Time: June 25, 2004

Incident: While searching for a farm from which the sow could have been taken we made a startling discovery.

Approximately four miles south from the incident site we found the farm in question. We approached it nonchalantly and without weapons, assuming that this would be business as usual. We stepped onto the porch and knocked on the door. Our casual conversation stopped dead as the door swung limply open on its hinges and the distinct odor of rotting flesh came to our attention.

There were only two of us, and we were ill-prepared to take on an outbreak by ourselves, but we couldn't leave it uninvestigated. We made a sprint to the van and armed ourselves with shotguns and mace before entering the house. The first room we came to appeared to be a dining room; both table and chairs had been shifted in what appeared to have been quite a struggle. There was blood on the floor in a puddle that tapered off into a smear that went down the hall. The blood was still red. A sliding glass door leading to the backyard had been left open. We moved down the hall and found three doors, two open and one closed and dented badly. The blood trail led into that room. We checked the other rooms and found nothing. We moved to enter the closed off room when heard a soft moan come from the other side. My man kicked in the door and I entered to the sight of a teenage female, well preserved, with horrible lacerations to its face, neck, left shoulder and right calf. It lunged at me and I opened fire.

We searched the backyard and found no signs of zombie presence. We moved to the barn, where we noticed the lack of animal noises from within and entered with caution. The animals were slaughtered and the stench was overpowering. We were caught off guard as a zombie lunged from the shadows beside the door, grabbing my man by the shoulders. The zombie in question was a poorly preserved male with multiple lacerations across its chest and arms. My man put the length of the shotgun in the zombie's mouth to prevent a bite and pushed it back, at which time I opened fire, point blank, destroying its head. We searched the rest of the area and found nothing.

Although we destroyed two zombies at the site, we're certain there is at least one more at large. Will report.

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