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Incident Report Follow Up 9

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Agent/Witness: A

Base: Theodore, Alabama

Date/Time: April 24, 2004

Incident: We arrived at the chemical storage facility at approximately 8:30 p.m., central time, just as it was beginning to grow dark. We opened the gate and parked away from the main road. My team consisted of four operatives armed with handguns, shotguns, flashlights and mace (a new addition to our arsenal of anti-zombie weaponry). Unfortunately, we were short two members and our dogs.

We teamed up and combed the entrance area for signs of zombies and found multiple sets of dragging footprints heading into the facility. At this time it was approximately 9:00 p.m. and night had fallen. We turned on our flashlights and followed the tracks. The area was indeed extremely hazardous; the paths were littered with broken glass and shards of rusted metal and blocked in some places by overturned barrels of an unidentifiable substance.

After following the tracks for some time, we found ourselves in the midst of a group of huge storage drums. The first zombie was spotted at approximately 9:23 p.m. We opened fire and destroyed it. While examining the corpse, we were alerted by the operative watching the area (henceforth referred to as U1). Without further explanation, U1 began firing into the darkness around one of the drums. The reason soon became clear as the staggering forms of other zombies emerged from all around us. It appeared to be a trap.

Chaos ensued as U1 and U2 both dropped their flashlights, causing them to turn off and forcing us into close combat with the zombies. The mace proved effective in blinding the zombies long enough for us to regroup and destroy the remaining creatures.

A total of nine (9) zombies were destroyed, including the "bait" zombie. U1 had suffered no less than three bite lacerations to his left arm and hand. His health immediately began to deteriorate, and we (myself, U2, and U3) were forced to carry him from the site.

Due to the disorientation caused by the fight, we soon found ourselves lost. We encountered two (2) more zombies while trying to find our way out of the facility. They were both destroyed. We arrived back at our vehicle at approximately 10:15 p.m. and put U1 into the back of the van. I proceeded to call HQ and recount the incident.

The door to the van had been left open with U1 laying semiconscious in the back with my weapon. U2 and U3 went back to unlock and open the front gate. While relaying the message, I glanced into the rearveiw mirror and spotted a figure moving in the darkness towards the back of the van. I got out and went to the back to get my weapon and found myself not three feet away from a horribly decomposed zombie. It was standing at the base of the van watching U1. I pulled my mace and gave the zombie a copious spray to the face as it lunged forward. It staggered past me, disoriented, and I took the opportunity to dive for my shotgun in the back of the van.

When I sat up the maced zombie had staggered off some ten feet, and we were being approached by another zombie. I opened fire on it. It was destroyed only a foot away from the back of the van. The maced zombie had apparently regained its bearings and was approaching. I began to reload my shotgun as rapidly as possible, but the creature was felled by fire from U2 and U3, who came running when they heard the shots.

We left the facility at 10:35 p.m., central time. U1 was dropped off at the hospital to be treated with vaccine at 11:05 p.m.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, U4 and U5 had been monitoring the progress of the ambulance case. A call came in at 8:57 p.m. stating that the ambulance had been found by authorities overturned in a ditch on a deserted backroad. (Why the driver had thought to go that direction has not been determined.) The authorities found three (3) newly transformed zombies trapped in the back of the ambulance and destroyed them. (That's record time for a transformation.) The two young females were unaccounted for.

At 11:46 p.m. we received an emergency phone call from a member of our contact list who reported that a neighbor's husband had received a bad-looking bite on his arm some time before. He had bandaged it up and stopped the bleeding, but now was showing signs of infection. Before we could proceed we received a second phone call from near the same area. The caller informed us that their house was under attack by "dead little girls" and they requested our assistance immediately. Another call came in right after that from someone only blocks away telling us that their dogs had been slaughtered and eaten. We headed to the area as swiftly as possible.

The first house we visited was the house under attack. By the time we arrived all the first story windows had been smashed, the screen doors torn off from the hinges, and there was no sign of the zombies. The neighbor's dogs were indeed slaughtered and eaten. We went back to the house with the mauled man, positively identified his condition as infectious, and called an ambulance to get him. After that, we returned to the attacked house to search for tracks.

The dogs picked up the scent at the house and led us down a winding trail (which wasn't much of a trail, anyway) to the riverfront area. We spotted one of the girls at 12:03 a.m. walking on the other side of the river. She was wearing a white sundress and moving with surprising speed for a zombie. We opened fire but missed, and then lost sight of her. After moments of deliberation, U3 and myself decided to commandeer a canoe and set out after them. We soon found ourselves on the other side of the river, floating slowly in the dark, silent, woods. The area set us on our nerves, but we were unaware of the zombies until they emerged from the water on either side of our canoe. They immediately capsized the canoe, dumping us into the water.

I don't think I have ever experienced anything so horrific in my life. I cannot clearly say what exactly happened during those frantic moments in the water. I was almost bitten on several occasions; only my lifejacket saved me. I fired the entire clip of my sidearm into the zombie attacking me. U3 did the same, but was bitten severely on the side of the head. We swam back to the shore after identifying the two corpses. U3 was taken to the same hospital as U1 and the mauled husband. He is currently in stable condition, as is U1.

We have had no further incidents involving zombies. Will report.

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