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Incident Report Follow Up 8

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Agent/Witness: A

Base: Theodore, Alabama

Date/Time: April 23, 2004

Incident: At 4:27 p.m. central time, a call came to us from our local law enforcement contact (which, by the way, was just recently established). The contact told us of an emergency call reporting the "mauling" of two young girls. The girls had been playing in the woods and when they didn't return the father got worried and went out after them. He found them bleeding from multiple lacerations. The girls were near death when they were returned to the house, and by the time the ambulance picked them up they were in some sort of coma. They were to be rushed to a local emergency room. The ambulance, however, failed to arrive at the hospital and has yet to be located. Further investigation into this incident seems immediately necessary, as the ambulance could be anywhere and, if the obvious chain of events occurred, occupied by two zombies, as well as three or more infected emergency crew. Local law enforcement is investigating, and our contact will inform us of any new developments.

We still need to investigate the chemical facility. We plan to enter the chemical facility tonight, sans dogs and two members of our assault team, who will be left behind to keep tabs on the ambulance case. We will be down to four team members, and no dogs. We will be as heavily armed as possible, and the relative isolation of the facility will allow the use of some of the heavier weaponry. This operation will be extremely dangerous.

I will report back when I can, and notify of any casualties sustained by my team.

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